Major Activities


Facilitation for supply of high quality seeds and other critical inputs, establishment of ties with the government agriculture and rural developments and ICAR network, free distribution of literature and resources, raising of awareness through personal interactions, chaupal meetings, documentary films. Mobilization of unemployed educated youth for message delivery awareness.


The low level of education and reach of common masses to receive quality education on affordable limit hampers the development process. Therefore, the foundation proposes to develop moderate facilities of non-formal education of young boys and girls in selected villages. Special attempts will be made to bring school dropouts in the main stream of education through motivation, counselling and providing basic facilities like informal coaching and free distribution of reading material in target areas.


Government has created several schemes for raising the health status of the rural population, but still due to lack of awareness and myths, superstitions etc., people hesitate to visit government hospitals and consult doctors. The sanitation and hygienic conditions are poor in many areas resulting prevalence of various diseases and disorders that cause loss to productivity and man hours. Therefore, awareness meetings, exposure visits, interaction, free medical check-up camp, help to visit nearest hospitals, transport, message delivery street plays would be created.

To establish and develop role model, linking other voluntary institutions with the government institutions in selected back ward areas for resource poor families in phases is our commitment. Industry may be sensitized to adopt such villages in various regions. We create a good human friendly environment for improvement in life and bring happiness and prosperity.