Success Story of Sr Satish Awasthi

Sri Satish Awasthi 45 years age and resident of village Bariyari, sakaran ,District Sitapur Uttar Pradesh ,India is small farmer having three acre cultivable land. He has three children and their education is supported by him from agricultural income and also small business of village fair price shop. His eldest son is studying in B.Sc. Agriculture and  other two are in higher secondary school. He has been growing sugarcane and maintain three buffalo as source of livelihood.

He has been dung stored in his back yard for traditional manure making after three years. Sopaan foundation and Excel crop Care approached him for inoculation of microbial formulation of Excel Crop Care and entire process of compost making in three to four months without much efforts. He agreed to our proposal and his dung heap having over 100 qts of dung was inoculated for faster decomposition. He had followed the process and compost was ready in four months. He has used the well processed manure and applied in the sugarcane crop during May ,2014. He is sure of getting advantage of team approach and said that he has been sharing this success with fellow farmers in the village and also friends in neighbouring villages. This has added to his income and also a source of organic soil health improvement programme. I hope this message will spread and Mr Awasthi is our opinion maker.